Gated Community Fees

Gated Community Fees:  Gated community fees continue to rise, and in some cases, represent more than half of our gross profit on a firewood sale.  Additional restrictions such as a community restricting a season pass to only one of our delivery trucks complicates our delivery process, and results in gate pass fees even where we have bought season long passes.  Thus, we must reluctantly charge for gate pass fees.

For communities where we have season passes, we charge $5 to recover the cost of the season pass and/or the cost of a gate pass where we must use a different truck than the truck for which the pass was issued.  In communities where we have not purchased a season gate pass, because of additional restrictions, high cost or not enough deliveries within such community to justify it, we will charge the actual gate pass that we are charged.

Recommendation – sometimes a community will let us thru without paying a fee if a resident calls ahead to the gate.  In such a case, we promptly will refund the gate pass fee that has been charged.